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Monsoon Damage Prevention Part 1

It’s that time of year again Tucson. Monsoon season is here and with it comes flooding, wind and water damage. It is crucial to be prepared otherwise the elements might get the best of you and wreak havoc on your property. Here are some monsoon damage prevention tips you can follow to ensure that your home survives this monsoon season.

Clean Out Your Gutters

The first thing you should do before a massive rain storm hits is a complete visual inspection of your roof. The first things to look for during the visual inspection are the gutters. Make sure that they are clean and that there are no obstructions that could prevent the flow of water. Gutters exist to allow the water to flow off of the roof in a controlled manner. If you have a flat roof, be wary of dips, trash and clogged gutters. These things will cause water to build up and remain on the roof. The water will cause cracks and other damage which will allow for water entry into the home. Once water makes its way inside it will damage the inside of your ceiling. From there it can spread to walls and other areas and water spots will begin to show up. The inside of the ceiling and walls will likely begin to sprout mold and become structurally weakened. Furthermore if the roof leak is not taken care of then it could result in indoor flooding.

Check Your Roof Shingles

In the case that your roof has shingles, you will want to perform a visual inspection of those too. If there are any cracked, missing or misaligned shingles then it is important to get them fixed

before the next rain. Shingles act as armor plating against the rain water. If there are any weak spots then the water can go right through and begin to damage the roof. Once the water has been allowed enough time on the roof, the damage may allow it to leak in. If the water breaks through the roof then you can expect to see water damaged walls and ceilings. This may result in mold growth and indoor flooding.

Repair any Cracks or other Damage to Roof or Shingles

If your roof does have any cracks or your roof shingles are in need of repair, it is imperative that it gets repaired as soon as possible. Water damage is a very costly issue that you should try to prevent. In the case that repairs cannot be made in time before the next storm, then immediately call an emergency tarp off company such as ours. We will tarp off and secure your roof to ensure that no water can enter the house or damage anything.

Help! The Water Got In!

If you can see water leaking in or water marks on the ceilings/walls of your home, then it is time to get that roof fixed. Do not wait for repairs to get done during monsoon season. Call us immediately to ensure that no more water enters your house. Every second that water is left inside the walls and ceilings increases the chance of mold. We will remove all of the water, mold and dry everything out properly. T&T is a professional water loss mitigation company that deals with dry outs, tarp offs and water damage repairs on a regular basis. We offer 24/7 emergency services and can help protect your house today. We will also remediate any mold if your home has had too much moisture exposure.

Do Not Wait on Monsoon Damage Prevention!

Remember that time is crucial. If water gets into your home it can do massive damage even within the first 48 hours. Mold can begin to grow within that time and carpets can become unsalvageable. Drywall and other building materials may also become permanently damaged during this time, so it is crucial to call a professional ASAP. You will also want to be sure to contact your insurance provider promptly with documented evidence of damage such as pictures.

Stick around for part 2 where we will document more ways to save your home from water damage.


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